An uploads list component to simplify web3.storage data browsing.

Obtain paginated listings of items uploaded to the service.

Supported frameworks: React, Solid, Vue

Simple and Flexible List Component

Display your w3up data the way you want with our headless list component.

Easy Pagination

Headless components make it easy to navigate forward and backward through paginated lists of your w3up data.

import React from 'react'
import { useUploadsList } from '@w3ui/react-uploads-list'

export default function Component () {
  const { loading, data, error, reload } = useUploadsList()
  if (error) return <p>⚠️ {err.message}</p>

  return (
      {data && data.results.length
        ? (
                <th>Data CID</th>
                <th>CAR CID</th>
              {data.results.map(({ dataCid, carCids, uploadedAt }) => (
                <tr key={dataCid}>
        : <p>No uploads</p>}
      <button type='button' onClick={reload}>🔄 Refresh</button>
      {loading ? <p>Loading...</p> : null}
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